Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Booz in the Nooz

Live footage from Ireland's First Alcohol Free Comedy Club

'Ireland's First Alternative Alcohol Free Comedy Club was full to the rafters and a roaring success!' tweeted Dil Wickremasinghe, founder of Dublin's new club.  We had 'great acts, great audience & a great venue, plus a full house'.  Hosting Ireland's first alternative alcohol-free comedy club, Accents Lounge Dublin offered 'the most fun you can have with your clothes on' at the opening night, Monday 5th September.

As Dil writes about the new club, 'In addition to being Ireland’s first alcohol-free comedy club we hope to showcase the true diversity of new talent that often does not feature on the main stages. So not only are we going to help change the Irish drink culture but we are also going to break down barriers through humour – which incidentally was the reason why I got into comedy in the first place!"

The opening night featured comedian Steve Cummins, who has performed in every major venue throughout Ireland and at the Edinburgh festival.  He is also a regular contributor to Hot Press magazine and other publications.  Prior to turning professional, Steve worked with the homeless, juvenile offenders and adolescent gang members from the Projects in Chicago.  Be warned, 'some of what he says is contentious, some offensive but it’s nearly always funny. Except when he’s trying to be sexy. Then it’s borderline creepy'. 

Dil also blogs about the serious side of alcohol, a drug which has burrowed deep into the Irish culture.  'As a new comer to Ireland I wanted to learn about Irish culture but little did I know I had to learn about Irish drink culture as well! During the promotion of the gig we have come across polar opposite opinions about the concept of an alcohol-free comedy club. Some actually think it’s completely preposterous and will not work as I was told by one individual “this is Ireland, we need our drink to have a good time”.  Fortunately the many established alcohol free pubs, clubs and night -clubs of Dublin have already show that's not the case.

Back to the comedy.  The club meets on the first Monday of each month, and the second night is set for Monday 3rd October at 7.00 pm at  Accents Lounge at 23 Stephen Street Lower Dublin 2.  The first night 'even had people sitting on the floor' so 'be early or you might be disappointed'.


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