Tuesday, 8 March 2011

A rare opportunity to agree with Kevin Myers?

Mr Myers doesn't dissapoint with his usual over the top ideas such as 'urination will be punished by making offenders, male and female, pass water into specially made 220-volt floor-sockets at the local garda station'.  But that's just him making the message fun, the old rascal.  The real issue he addresses is the embarrassing spectacle of paddy whackery that is St Paddy's Day. He writes that 'we all know the caricature is essentially correct. Our per-capita alcoholic consumption is exceeded by only a couple of central European states.  But what makes our figures worse is that we have a huge population that doesn't drink at all, so that those who do drink really do drink. Yet far from being ashamed at this achievement, it forms the heart of a really perverse national characteristic. We like to boast how much alcohol we consume'. 

Couldn't agree more.  Read him at the Indy on  http://bit.ly/etALL6


  1. A rare opportunity indeed! He makes some great points, the boasting about consumption has got to stop. If not because it's inherently harmful then because it's so unbelievably boring! Endless conversations about how much we did/will/can drink - and as a university student this topic is exhausted perhaps more than anywhere else - somebody please fight the stereotype.

  2. Thanks for the comment cottonbud91. Agree with what you say. The rest of the World is beginning to find us boring too - fine while the party lasted but definitely time to clean up.