Monday, 7 March 2011

Programme for Government 'largely aspirational' Examiner March 7th

The new Programme for Government just published contains many worthy objectives.   Addressing the homelessness problem, for example, particularly amongst the young, and tackling the increasing problems of drug and alcohol abuse, get a whole paragraph each!  Great to see them in there, but as the Examiner's Paul O Brien writes, these sections entitled "fairness" and "progress" 'are largely aspirational, and lump together areas of government which may have got chapters of their own were the economic circumstances different', instead getting 'relatively short shrift' in an agenda which makes a priority, unsurprisingly, of the economy stupid.

"Did you manage to think of anything? Me neither"

The drug and alcohol section of the programme makes no mention of funding, and rehashes those tired old cliches about working together and improving education.  Great, but what about the recent 15% cut to the funding of the Regional Drugs Task Force, the body which has the remit to do just that?  Enda may be a miracle worker, we have to wait and see.  This is certainly a loaves and fishes job. Will he be walking on water by Easter?

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