Saturday, 5 March 2011

Brian O Connell discusses drunk date-rape song in today's Irish Times

In todays Irish Times sobriety supremo Brian O Connell discusses the Brian McFadden (formerly Westlife) song Just the Way You Are (Drunk at the Bar) with the infamous (and poorly scanning) line “take you home so I can take advantage and do some damage”.  To be fair to McFadden he has now decided to give all profits of the song to victims of sexual assault, so the public criticism of his lyric has been well made and taken.

In the campaign for more honest debate on alcohol this is a sort of victory then, though in O Connell's article he also touches on the fact that ' I’ve been to schools where strict guidelines are laid down about what can and cannot be discussed with students. I have been asked to restrict my conversation about aspects of alcohol. There is a reluctance to allow open discussion. Naturally, some subjects need to be tempered, but surely we adults have a duty to ensure teenagers get to question the national stereotype of the drunken Irish?'  Read on at (or on the Gargle Nation newsfeed left column).

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