Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Alan Shatter's wife hits front pages with drink driving ban. Why?

Like a number of national dailys the Independent gave prominent space to the story of the likely future Minister's wife's automatic drink driving ban. 

Is the implication that this somehow shames Shatter, or suggests hypocrisy?  Isn't this really an unhelpful intrusion into what is a private matter, and likely to contribute to the 'taboo' which causes drink-related problems to be hidden, and therefore unaddressed?  Nobody (well perhaps with the shameful exception of two now unelected rural TD's) wants to condone drink driving - its obviously too dangerous. But anyone coping with similar family drink-related problems may well decide not to seek help for fear of the very public criticism it may get them.

Of more relevance is the new Minister's slow response to the news that one in eight Irish drivers is drunk at the wheel.  That is a matter worthy of far more atttention in the press.

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